Apply to work at the 2022 Federal Election

Working at the Federal Election is an epic job for young people. Good pay, people and purpose.

Why work at the election? 💭

We promise it's the easiest $ you'll ever make!

Work with friends

You don't have to work alone! Share your friend's name in an application and preference the same polling booth locations.

Easy money, guaranteed hours

There are a variety of roles to suit everyone, what's guaranteed is that you'll get a full day (at least) worth of work.

Choose your commitment

The Election Day is a one-day event, so most roles are for 1 day only. There are lots of other temporary roles to help before and after Election Day, if you are available.

It's time to get to work! 📄

The sooner you get your application in, the higher chance you'll be placed at the location you want. So don't muck around, get your application in today.


We acknowledge that we work on Indigenous lands and that sovereignty was never ceded. We pay respect to elders, past and present, and acknowledge the pivotal role that First Nations people continue to play within our communities.